Quick guide to Classroom Mode for Minecraft: Education Edition

Classroom Mode Companion App is great for managing Minecraft Classrooms (games) in Minecraft: Education Edition. You simply connect to a game through the app and you can then manage your students and world settings through slash-commands and different toggles even though you’re not really in the game.

My favorite features:

  • Student freeze: This allows you to pause the game on the devices of all the students in the game.
  • Drag and drop students: This is great when a student (or I) wanders off and gets lost because you can just grab the student name in the roster and then drop them onto the map.
  • Perfect weather: Rain can be distracting when you’re building! And it’s annoying for the world operator to keep doing the /weather clear slash-command.

I made a video where I run through the different features of the Classroom Mode Companion App:

You can download the app and read more on the Minecraft Education Edition Website

Learn how to get started with Minecraft in your classroom here


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